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From storing your Christmas decorations to keeping your old car safe, there are a number of reasons why people hire a Newcastle self storage.

They are a great way to save space in your property or help you with relocation. Most providers also offer insurance to give you peace of mind knowing that your valuables will be kept safe.

Here are the most common reasons to rent a Newcastle self storage:


Holding vehicles

Throughout our lifetime we can end up stockpiling an array of vehicles, from dinghy boats and caravans to motorcycles and scooters. Unfortunately, these can take up a lot of space which we don’t often have available. Keeping your vehicles tucked in a safekeeping container can make life a lot easier as you don’t have to stress about making more room in your backyard or garage every time you buy a new jet ski.


Protecting commercial assets

woman holding a big box

The more your business grows, the more space you need to retain your assets. Purchasing a Newcastle self storage allows you to keep what you need but don’t always use, like old documents, event décor, spare desks and chairs. And you can rest easy knowing that your belongings are protected by a 24hr on site manager and individually armed containers.


Record archiving

Record and document archiving is an important process for many professionals, such as those working in law, medicine or accounting, where records are often legally required to be held for at least 20 years. A Newcastle self storage acts as a safe space to keep your documents safe for a long period of time, whilst freeing up space in your office. It also allows you to access your records whenever you need to. The best part? Businesses generally provide a removalist service to transport all your documents for you.


Holding university belongings

A Newcastle self storage is also a great way for students going home for the uni break to hold their items. Students often keep things like blankets and books here to keep them safe and dry while they are on their break. Many providers also offer student discounts and will transport your items for you, making the process highly convenient and affordable for many people.


Freeing up room in the home

And of course, one of the most popular reasons for hiring a Newcastle self storage is to make more free space in the family home. It’s all too easy for your house to fill up with clutter – from too many kids toys to too many DVDs, sometimes there’s no other option but to buy some extra space. Your container comes with or without shelves, which gives you the option to have even more space if needed.

Each container should come with its own alarm and locking system for effective protection. They should also provide wide doorways so you can easily place your belongings into them. Finally, they should have a well-insulated roof and be free from pests and mould problems.

You will also want to ensure you get a fair price. Shop around to get a few quotes and choose a provider that is both affordable and high quality, and has all the services that you need. Keep in mind that heavy duty boxes are also generally available to those who require them.

All in all, a Newcastle self storage is an excellent way to free up space in your home and keep your precious belongings safe and in great condition until the next time you need them.


Post Author: Robert Trent