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At Goo Goo Gear, we only use the finest silks from around the world!
Silk Dupioni is a textured silk woven from a double strand of silk yarn in a plain weave pattern.
The name dupioni or douppioni refers to this ‘doubling’ effect and comes from the Italian ‘duplicato’ which means double.
We only use a white 100% dupioni silk in our christening  gown collection,  although white silk is never a bright white as its a natural fabric and can't be bleached. 
With many years of experience using dupioni silk, we have found that dupioni will naturally changes it's shade of whiteness as time goes by!
The fabric will become a deeper shade of cream over time. 
This makes dupioni silk one of the most beautiful silk in the world and many heirloom christening gowns use this silk as it's a truely unique fabric. 
All of our silk christening gowns and outfits are made from a high quality WHITE 100% dupioni silk.
We only use a smooth grade of dupioni which has less slubs than other grades.
Since there is various grades of Dupioni, some grades have many slubs with lots of irregular in the weave.
The fewer slubs in the dupioni fabric means a better quality silk.
At Goo Goo Gear we only source smoother silk which have fewer slubs and softer texture to feel.
Dupioni silk is elegant, versatile, gives a slightly stiff feel and is easily identified by the ‘slubs’ on it.

  Fact about dupioni Silk 
The word Dupioni has been derived from Italian word doppio which mean ‘double’. The worms are raised in a conjusted place so that two worms spin a single cocoon. The cocoons are put into hot air or steam to stop the silk moth break the continuous filament and also to soften the gum which holds the thread together. The filament produced are slightly tangled (interlocked), rough, uneven and weak. It is reeled from the cocoon which can be a kilometer long
The yarn produced by the twin silk worm has minute variations in the thickness. No two pieces of the silk are alike. Sometimes specks or streaks also appear in Dupioni silk fabric. This is a part of the original cocoon.
  Characteristics of Dupion silk:
• It is a lightweight, shimmering versatile fabric
• t has lumpy horizontal lines within the weave which is also known as ‘slubs’.
• It is crisp to touch and feel.
• It has dull luster with shiny streaks.
• It holds crease well. It does not wrinkle.
• Its weave contains minor irregularities.
• Its 100% natural fabric.
• It is easy to cut and sew.
• It holds beading and embroidery well.
• Hand-washed softens and removes stiffness of the fabric.
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Below you will find what some Customers have been saying about us. Goo Goo Gear holds a five star***** rating in Australia & NZ!

Customer Testimonals

" Just wanted to let you know I received the dress and shoes today through the mail. I am so thrilled with the dress, I wanted to let you know.You have done such a beautiful job and I couldn't be happier. A big thank you once again and I will be sure to recommend you to my friends and family." Martine Castro-NSW"

"I was very impressed with the Service, Quality and quick response I received for the items I had ordered from Goo Goo Wear. The outfit looks so cute on my son and fits perfectly. I would like to thank for making the purchase so easy and hassle free and also for the quick delivery. Thank you A Wild-Victoria

" I can say without doubt this was one of the very best places I've have shopped at! I received a e/mail after my order with all details and then received lovely e/mail when payment was made delivery was quick and the clothes were wrapped beautifully and the best thing was how well made they were. I was very impressed as they are a gift for my granddaughter this will be a very appreciated gift by her and family. I will no doubt buy again thanks so much Goo Goo Gear first class service at reasonal prices- Ann, Qld Gambier

"I would like to thank you for the boy's christening suit that I ordered from you about 3 months ago. My son's christening was on Sunday 1 August and he looked absolutely handsome in the corduory suit. He received many compliments that day and everyone there complimented on how beautiful and different the outfit was. I would like to thank you for your wonderful and prompt service and I would highly recommend your service to anyone. Thanking you again."Frances Perna-WA

" I have used goo goo gear twice now for baby gifts and my friends have been extremely impressed with the quality of the garments. Love Australian made quality products!" Susan Burns- ACT

"I have been very impressed with Goo Goo Gear. The garments were made and delivered within the said time frame (maybe even quicker). The dresses are gorgeous and of a very high quality. Definite value for money. Service great too. Highly recommended. B Bolitho-Japan

"Excellent service as always, great communication and I love the dress. Would not hesitate to recommend or buy from again. N Johnson-WA

I was very happy with the clothes I purchased from GOO GOO wear. My granddaughter looks a picture in them and the sizing was just right. Well done. I know where I will be buying my next lot of baby clothes from-Mrs Willis.WA

" I would like to thank you dearly for the great job you did on my son's christening outfit, (3 piece blue silk) I was very satisfied with the quality and quick delivery of the outfit. He is going to look so adorable on the day. Thanks again.Heidi McArthur-NSW

"Just tried the flower girl dress on my daughter and it looks fabulous. It is a perfect fit and was soooooo much cheaper than buying from bridal stores. Thank you Goo Goo Gear!- E Hoerlein -QLD

" I was desperate for a flower girl dress for my 12 month old daughter and as we live in Singapore i was having so much trouble trying to find something suitable for a colder climate. The ladies at goo goo gear were fantastic and after many emails, custom made a dress for me with a matching cardigan - so helpfull! Thankyou! D Alderson- Singapore

"Goo Goo Gear offered a more modern style range of Christening gowns for babies not the OLD fashioned white, dull and very unimaginative range other stores have. The customer service was well above standard where staff were helpful, courteous and efficient with my order they followed up all my requests promptly....even when I couldn't make up my mind, as I have never ordered online before, they were still very courteous and polite. I have recommended Goo Goo Gear to my friends and can't wait to see the new range of clothing. K Habes, QLD

"Fantastic site, the clothing is well made, unique and stylish. Delivery is quick and the whole ordering process is seamless. I can't wait for my baby girl to arrive (2 more weeks!!) so she can wear the items I've purchased! K Nelson, NSW"

" Very helpful, and quick to reply to all emails. Dresses beautifully made. Dresses packed very well and arrived in New Zealand much faster than I expected. Will continue to use this Goo Goo Gear again as they provide top quality for a great price. Nothing too much trouble even though I made some tricky requests. Thanks we are thrilled with the results.- P Weir, New Zealand

"Great web site which is easy to shop with. Great designs on your clothes which I am sure my niece and nephew will enjoy. Thank you for making christmas shopping easy from Scotland"