Should You Become A Wedding Photographer In Sydney?

Are you thinking about a career as a wedding photographer in Sydney? If so, then you’re got a lot to think about as to whether this is going to be an appropriate career path for you.

This kind of work isn’t easy and will require you to have a certain resilience and fortitude in order to survive past the early days and establish yourself in the industry. Not just anyone can do this kind of work, and many people have wasted years and lots of money trying to pursue it when it wasn’t right for them.

In order to save you from this waste and disappointment, take a look at the following traits and see if they match with you. If you feel like you meet the below standard, then you could definitely be a successful wedding photographer in Sydney.


1.    Business and self-management skills

Being a wedding photographer in Sydney means being your own boss and securing your own gigs. This means you will be working as a sole trader and running your own business with an ABN (Australian business number) and paying taxes to the ATO (Australian taxation office).

Regardless of your camera skills and how good your equipment or editing software is – you need to have business skills to pay for it all and continue your business. If you can’t manage a business and organise things properly then you will go bankrupt very quickly and ruin any chances you had of being a successful wedding photographer in Sydney.


2.    Time management skills

In order to make money as a wedding photographer in Sydney you need to be able to plan a calendar correctly and not accidentally double-book your services to two different couples and their ceremonies. Sometimes the most lucrative paydays will require you to travel or do something else that will take more time for you to prepare and you need to ensure you have adequate breathing room to rest and recuperate.

If you start overworking yourself, you will begin to do sloppy work and resent the career you chose. Don’t bite off more than you can chew; start small and work your way up to a busier schedule so you can see if you are able to handle it.


3.    People skills

Wedding photographer and his team taking prenup photos with the couple. Source Pixabay

You will also need to have good people skills in order to be successful as a wedding photographer in Sydney since you are going to be talking to couples who are getting married and convincing them you are the best person to capture their special day. You need to show enthusiasm and passion for what you do – nobody wants to hire a wedding photographer in Sydney who phones it in and doesn’t really care about the work they do and just wants to get paid.

Even if you have a great portfolio to show people, you will get passed up if you don’t seem like you are passionate about what you are doing. Being excited about people getting married is what makes for good camerawork since you will be in sync with the emotions on display from the couples and their guests.


4.    Camera skills

Of course, you will obviously need to be good with a camera to succeed as a wedding photographer in Sydney. This means you know what equipment is best for different situations and you know how to capture posed and candid shots at the request of the marrying couple.

Hopefully the above info has give you a little more insight on whether being a wedding photographer in Sydney is the right career move for you.